Monday, April 02, 2007

Irony lives in the White House kitchen.

While I was camping at Borders Books yesterday, I spent some time digging through the cookbook collection. In the pile was Desserts For Dummies. Like many of the Dummies books, it was actually pretty good. I picked up one or two baking tips I hadn't known before; I'll try them out and let you know if they're good. But I kept thinking that Bill Yosses, the author, sounded familiar. Maybe I already owned another of his cookbooks? So I googled him and found that he's the White House pastry chef. I think that with the publication of Desserts For Dummies, he became possibly the most appropriate person to cook for George.

I'm sure I didn't know that Bill Yosses was the White House pastry chef, so I'm still not sure why his name sounded familiar....

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