Monday, April 16, 2007

I won something!

I submitted an interview question for Tower's author interview with John Scalzi. They randomly chose five of the people who entered questions, and those five people get a signed copy of his newest book, The Last Colony. And I was chosen! Yay, I won something! So what if it didn't require any skill; I WON something! This makes me happier than I suspect it should, but I take the little pleasures where I find them.

And, this means I don't have to buy a copy of the book. I suspect I will anyway; Scalzi added Don's Books in Kokomo to his list of stops on his author tour, and that's close enough that I can actually attend. It's not until the end of June, so I'm glad I'll have a copy to read before then. And I'll buy a copy from Don, just to support bookstores that do this sort of thing. I'm not worried about what to do with the extra copy; by my current count, I've purchased five copies of Old Man's War, of which I've given away four. I think it might be the best "starter" sci-fi book I can think of. If you have a friend who doesn't read science fiction, but who you think should start, it's a very accessible book to hand them. It's got good, likable characters, a good story, and a constant undercurrent of humor. It's probably my favorite book of the last few years, so I'm recommending it.

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