Sunday, March 11, 2007

il Troubadore -- They rock (in a 16th-Century way)

Today at the Artsgarden we've got a performance by il Troubadore (Indy's Best 16th-Century Rock Band). Robert Bruce Scott plays mandolin, John Silpayamanant plays cello, and they both sing. And they're really good. Eclectic and a little strange, but definitely fun to listen to and watch. And, most importantly for me, they're good to work with, professional and easygoing. Their repertoire is exceedingly eclectic: Celtic folk songs, original music, traditional Turkish, Italian, and French tunes, and a few modern songs. The modern songs include "Mr. Roboto", "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown", "Crazy Train", "Free Bird", "Mystify" (INXS), "Ring of Fire", and "Wildfire". Did I mention all of the eclectic? And their original music is great. Check out their MySpace page, and listen to a few of their songs. I'd highly recommend catching them live if you ever get a chance.

The quote of the day, from Robert Bruce Scott: "Most traditional Scottish songs follow the theme of, 'they did us wrong, let's kill them all!'. I went looking for a traditional Scottish love song, and I found a note that said, 'See Ireland'."

And, an observation: I never guessed that Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" would sound so good on a mandolin and cello!

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