Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter storms

Indy got heavy snowfall last night. Six inches of snow, followed by eight hours of steady freezing rain and sleet, followed by yet more snow -- it's been interesting weather. The evening news had a reporter standing in the middle of Meridian Street at Tenth Street -- a major rush-hour corridor. And the reporter was standing in the middle of the street because there was no traffic. None at all. Indy has more-or-less shut down. Laura didn't even go to the theater today, and she's got a Dance Kaleidoscope show opening Thursday night. The Arts Council apparently closed the office; I'm not positive, because I had the day off anyway. But I know the Artsgarden cancelled our performance today. The noon news ran a list of over 200 business closings.

This means: Snow Day! Laura and I slept in a little, then had a nice breakfast. I shovelled the walks, and we've spent the rest of the day loafing. We're watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, the director's cut of all three movies, back to back. And we're having a great time. We're working on knitting projects while we watch, and we're snacking frequently. We had a high-quality bacon, eggs, and hash browns breakfast, followed by ten hours of cookies, popcorn, and peanut butter and jelly crackers. Laura made extremely yummy homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner, and we gave a nod to healthy eating by having a salad with the pasta. It's nice to have an entire day with no plans and no expectations, and it's also much fun to spend a whole day with the Cute Blonde Girl. Especially during production week; this is the time when we usually don't see each other during daylight hours.

Laura drives a Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler might be the most serious four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle you can buy; it can handle just about any terrain better than any other vehicle. The Jeep spends the whole year having maintenance issues, guzzling gas, and being a less-comfortable ride than the Saturn. But it really makes up for it when the roads are bad. That doesn't mean it's safe to drive, though. We're not worried about going off the road and getting stuck in a ditch. The Jeep worry is that some idiot in a Camry will rear-end us because he forgot about stopping distance, or that some guy in a Tahoe will sideswipe us because he thinks "4-wheel drive" means "drive like it's warm and dry, even though the roads are icy". And, there's really nowhere to go; too many businesses are closed. But if we have to go out, it's nice to know we won't end up in a ditch.

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