Monday, February 05, 2007

We Rally And Celebrate.

Some people I've never met won a football game I didn't care about, woo hoo. But, they are from Indianapolis, so I'm somewhat happy about that. Go Colts.

I've spent the last three weeks wallowing in Colts hype, and I'm glad it's over (or at least somewhat abated). Most of the hype was tolerable; the only hype that actively irritated me was perpetrated by some of the performers here in the Artsgarden. People have done Colts songs, and I'm fine with that. But when people perform standards and classics and modify a chunk of the lyrics to give it that "Go Colts!" feel, it grates on my nerves. The most memorable was a hack of "Proud Mary". The modified lyrics, in part, looked something like this:
Left a good job down in Indy
Watchin' all the Colts beat the Patriots
but I never saw the good side of the Indy
until I see the Colts win the Super Bowl
It was painful. And a lot of performers committed similar venial musical sins -- some with even less lyrical skill than this. Again, I'm fine with actual Colts-themed songs. But the lyrical hacks I heard over the past few weeks really tweaked my sense of order.

The city planned a celebration for the Colts, complete with a parade and a celebration at the Hoosier Dome. I spent the afternoon following up on last week's job offer (more on that another time), and afterward came downtown to meet Laura and watch the parade. We decided instead to go to the Dome for the celebration. The place was crowded; probably 3/4 of the seats were full. The plan was for the parade to start around 4pm, with the parade route ending at the Dome around 4:45. The players' plane didn't even touch down in Indy until after 4; the parade started around 6:30. People were waiting outside in the intense cold for hours waiting for the parade to start. Most of the businesses along the parade route were nice about letting fans come in and thaw out while they waited. Those of us in the dome had an easier time; they were showing a replay of the game on huge video screens, so we were okay with the two-hour delay. When the event actually started, the players all arrived in their parade vehicles. It was strange; we were far enough away that we couldn't really see any faces. We could recognize players by their jerseys, but on the field were a few hundred fans and staff, many of whom were also wearing Colts jerseys. Once the players hopped out of their vehicles I couldn't find them anymore; the actual Joseph Addai (#29) disappeared amongst the other people wearing blue or white jerseys that said ADDAI 29 on the back.

The actual event was interesting, though. Lots of people spoke: the team's owner, the president of the Colts, the mayor of Indianapolis, coach Dungy, and several of the players. The message was the same in almost every case: "thank you, fans, for sticking with us!" It was nice to hear.

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