Thursday, February 15, 2007

Walk: shoveled!

We have exceedingly nice neighbors. We got home last night around 11pm and found that one of our neighbors -- we don't know who -- shoveled our walk yesterday. That's amazingly nice; not only was it pretty darn cold yesterday, but the snow was hard and crusty from the freezing rain. It's a serious shoveling job. And, they even shoveled out my car! I can't drive it yet, but I can get to the front tire to pump it up (every three or four days, grr) without having to dig the tire out and stand in the snow. I'm curious who our mystery benefactor might be, but I don't think I'll ask; I like the thought of mystery samaritans. There's even a chance that it's one of the neighbors I shoveled out in the middle of the night after our last snowstorm. I didn't tell them who did it, either.

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