Thursday, February 08, 2007

The New Job (?)

I've done a lot more thinking about last week's job offer. This Monday I went to the company's offices and met with the guy who would be my boss. I genuinely like the guy, and their designer Mike seems like he'd be good to work with and for. But I think I've decided not to pursue the offer at the moment. Some of the job seems like it's exactly my thing, but some of it doesn't. This is normal; no job is perfect, and there are always parts of any job that don't really appeal. On the plus side, I'd be the tech on site for installs and turn-ons, and I'd get to work with and contribute to clever designs and diverse projects. Part of my ideal duties would involve looking at what customers already have, and figuring out better ways to meet their needs. One of the down sides is that a lot of my job would involve performing service for the company's annual maintenance contracts. There's a limit to how many dimmer racks and control systems I could clean before I started feeling like more of a janitor than a tech. I'm also a little worried at the time breakdown. I looked at the rough list of duties, and I figured that it would probably occupy me for 25-30 hours a week. I'm not sure what would fill the rest of my time. I know they've got lots of projects in process, and that I could probably contribute a lot to them (if nothing else, by taking some of the designer's busywork), but the unknowns worry me a bit.

The real deal-breaker with the new job is the money. I took a close look at what I'm earning now, and I figured out that even if I got the top end of the pay range they're offering it would only beat my current salary+benefits by about $2000. That's not enough extra money to justify leaving a job I'm happy with and taking a job I'm not sure about. If I'm going to leap into the unknown, I'd better have a pile of cash to cushion me.

The job offer also made me evaluate my current job with the Arts Council. I knew this already, but I really like my job. The money's decent. My co-workers are fun and good at what they do, not only the Artsgarden staff I work with every day, but the Arts Council staff in general. My duties are varied enough that I don't see myself getting bored with it. I get recognition for being extremely good at my job. I get to work with a lot of the coolest performers in Indy. I have an actual budget; I don't have to do complicated paperwork and get three levels of approval to buy, say, tape. I'm well-managed, too; I've got tasks I'm expected to keep on top of, but my day-to-day schedule is set by me. I hear people complain a lot about their jobs, but none of the specific complaints apply to my job. Sure, it'd be even better to get a huge pile of cash and my own personal hot tub -- but I wouldn't really want a huge pile of vacation. I like what I do, I have fun doing it, and I don't dread going to work in the morning. As jobs go, mine's a very good one.

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