Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's cold. How can I tell?

Indy got five or six inches of snow today between the time I left for work and the time I got home. So before I got comfortable for the evening, I broke out the snow shovel. I cleared our front and back walks, and three other houses on our block, and the sidewalks between our houses. It was good exercise, and I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate it. When I worked at Holy Spirit, a good snowfall would mean eight solid hours of scraping and shoveling; I would start at one end of the property and shovel my way to the other end, then start over at the beginning, and repeat the process all day. So spending an hour last night didn't seem like too much work.

We're sharing the cold snap that's hitting the rest of the Midwest. We've got a few single-digit highs this week and last, and we've got windchill temperatures as low as -25. I've been aware of the cold all week, wearing layers and bundling up, but I had a first last night while I was shoveling: my moustache iced up. I didn't even realize it until I stopped for a rest. I've seen it happen in movies, but I've never experienced it in person before. It was a little surreal; my upper lip didn't even feel cold.


NerfSmuggler said...

I've found frozen breath on my moustache to be a relaible indicator of cold (it also takes into account wind-chill) since college -- but them your facial hair is a more recent phenomenon.
Also, except for extreme conditions, you need to be out in the cold longer than the walk from the car to home, or across a parking lot for the facial frost to accumulate, so few people are seeing this happen these days.

Jeff Mountjoy said...

It's never happened to me before; usually if it's that cold and I'm out that long I wrap my face in a scarf or something. But I was out long enough that I had actual small icicles, not just frost. I actually noticed the weight first. And I wasn't sinus-stuffy; I'm reasonably sure it was all frozen condensation, not pre-nasal drip. :-)

I'm still debating the facial hair. I might be actually shaving when the weather gets a bit warmer....