Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fun XM games

One fun thing to do with the XM that you can't do with the radio: you can play Name That Artist. Laura and I were doing this last week, trying to see who could get the longest run of correctly-identified artists. She won; we were listening to Fred, the '80s New Wave channel. I suppose you could do this with regular radio, but you'd have to have a Google window open to check your score. And you need to check them all; I'm occasionally wrong about an artist that I was positive I had identified correctly.

Also, when I pull into the parking garage at work I lose satellite signal in one corner for about five seconds. If I'm singing along with a song, it's fun to keep singing in the dead zone, to see if I match up with the radio when the signal comes back. It's surprising how far off I can get in five seconds.

And, yes -- of course I sing along with the radio. This should surprise nobody.

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