Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I got a job offer tonight!

I'm not sure what I'll be doing about it, but it's an interesting offer. The work sounds nice: I would be the install and service tech for a company that does theatrical and commercial design, as well as installation of rigging, lighting, and some audio. I'd get to work with control systems and wiring, and I'd be valued for my creativity and ability to synthesize and think through projects. It's somewhat open-ended, too; there's no solid job description, because the job requirements mesh so well with how I always describe myself: Tech Guy. It's a job I'm fully capable of, and it would require me to stretch my skills and learn new things as well. The actual job sounds like exactly what my next step should be, in terms of my career path.

But I'm undecided. Part of it's financial. For one thing, the job doesn't come with the Arts Council's benefits package. I did some math, and figured that I'd break even if the new job pays $6000 more than my current job before taxes; if the new job pays less than $6000 more than I'm getting now, it'd effectively be a pay cut. And, no matter the job, it really needs to pay more than I'm getting now. They gave me a pay range, and the bottom third of it would be a net loss. On the plus side, the new job offers overtime pay, which I don't get now. I'm currently getting comp time for extra hours worked, but I think I'd prefer the cash.

Another down side is travel. The job requires a fair amount of work outside Indy; they were talking about a job in Iowa that's maybe two or three months long. I'm hoping it pays better than the same amount of time in Indy; it's a question that I need to ask. Also, the job is a lot of unknowns at the moment. I need to meet with them at their actual office and give myself a better idea of what I'll be doing and where and with whom. I'd prefer to do a few gigs with them before I have to decide to quit my current job -- which I like -- and jump into something new and untested.

It's been a good ego day for me. The job offer was nice, and the fact that it came because several people spoke highly of me was nice too. I also got a glowing letter at work today telling me how wonderful I am to work with. Or, better yet, my boss got the letter. He shared it with me and forwarded it on to the director of the Arts Council. And, I had a really good show with the Tad Robinson Group today. He's an excellent blues and soul performer, and his original music is first-rate. I'm looking forward to listening to his new album (he gave me a promo copy; it's not out for another month or two) as soon as I get a contiguous hour without something else that has to be done.

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