Saturday, January 20, 2007


Laura and I went to the Canary Cafe for breakfast this morning. The Canary is a breakfast/lunch restaurant located downtown on Ft. Wayne Avenue. And it's a true diner: the coffee's great, and the menu includes all the classic diner food (omelets, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the like). Laura and I love eating there. The food's good, the service is friendly, and it's a very low-key atmosphere. The owner's a sweetheart, too. Not only is she nice in person, she's also institutionally nice. She hosts a yearly holiday dinner for downtown's homeless population, and she has a different local artist's work on her walls every month.

A hip, trendy couple came in and sat down near us, and I could hear them talking. They spent a lot of time talking about how anti-hip, and therefore cool, they were for eating at a diner: "I'm sure this place wouldn't know what a decaf latte is... Maybe we should see if they have some sort of hash or grits on the menu, and really experience the native cuisine... I should order a frittata, just to see the confused look on the waitress's face." I'm mildly irritated that one of my favorite places to catch breakfast is considered a place to go cultural slumming. I'm also reminded that snobs irritate me. But this really isn't news.

So, be an anti-snob and eat at the Canary Cafe if you find yourself downtown for breakfast or lunch. It's always good to support locally-owned restaurants. If you like diner food, it's exactly what you've got in mind.

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