Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Slacking on the blog

I tried to post something here every day during December. I missed two days, which is a little embarrassing; they weren't days during which I was working a lot. They were both days off, days of slacking and loafing and not getting anything done. Now that December's officially over I'm less concerned with getting a post in every day, but I'll try to make what I write more interesting. So if you don't see something here every day, don't worry, I'm probably busy trying to write the fiction. Then again, I'm also going to try to shift my writing dodges from video games to blogging -- at least I can rationalize that it's a kind of writing, whereas replaying video games I've already finished accomplishes nothing. So the posting less often might be balanced out by using this blog to procrastinate the writing I should be doing. We'll see.

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