Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shake. Rattle. Roll.

I'm at work, running sound and lights for the I.U. School of Medicine's annual St. Vitus Dance. Med students have a sense of humor. One of the cool things about the Artsgarden is that the structure is supported on two huge steel I-beams that essentially function as giant springs. They make the structure flexible, so it can give with stress instead of breaking at weak points. A fun side effect of our suspension system is that if we get a few hundred med students bouncing up and down in sync to a Madonna song, the entire floor bounces with them. The trees sway, the banners move, and the center of the floor deflects downward by probably two inches (which is a lot, if you think about it). I think it's highly cool; people who have never experienced it, and who don't have an intuitive sense about structural engineering, are somewhat freaked out -- especially if they've been drinking. I'm having fun watching.

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