Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Party Crowd, all grown up

We had a fun show at the Artsgarden today. The band is one of my favorites, fun to work with and good at what they do. They're apparently hitting the point where they, plus all their friends, are having kids. The Artsgarden was like a day care today; we probably had 40 kids under 5. The funny thing is, the band members were at one time a pretty core part of the Broad Ripple party scene. So it's fun seeing all of their friends -- the extremely hip party set -- with young kids. They've still got arty tattoos and white-girl dreadlocks, but they've settled completely into parenthood. They almost look like the party set: still hip and fashionable, but starting to get round around the edges. It's a little disturbing; it's the opposite end of the scale from seeing upper-class Baby-Boomers with tiny ponytails (on the guys) and obvious plastic surgery (on the girls), running around in clothes from Abercrombie and Forever 21.

Another sign the band has kids: they play really quiet, like they rehearse next to the baby's room and they don't want to wake him up. They actually achieved energy during a song or two, but the rest of the time it's like they were trying to whisper with their instruments. I didn't know you could flatpick a guitar that fast, and yet that quietly. They sounded fine, but it was a lot of work for the sound guy (me) to get them to performance volume without feedback.

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