Saturday, January 20, 2007

My job rocks.

Two interesting things at work today. At my real job, at the Artsgarden, I finally took down the last of the holiday decor. I've been putting it off for quite a while (as you can tell, by the fact that it's January 19), because I assumed it would take forever and be highly complicated. It actually took just under an hour. If I would've realized in advance how easy this would be, I would've done it on January 9, when I removed the rest of the decor. And, it's really not too late to be taking down Christmas decorations; Laura and I still have our tree in the living room, lit and decorated, with our collection of nutcrackers and Santas scattered around the downstairs.

The second fun job tidbit came during my side job. I spent the evening, from roughly 5pm until 1am, sitting on the roof of the Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis. A local tech company hired me to run some hugely powerful spotlights, running ballyhoos on the clouds in celebration of the upcoming Colts game. Laura called me to tell me she was going to bed, and I panned my lights over our house so she could see them. It was very cute; she was on the phone giving me directions, and I was focusing lights for her. I don't have much power, so it's fun to abuse it when I can.

And, yes, it's impressive that you can actually see the lights from our house, over four miles away.

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