Wednesday, January 03, 2007

mittens. Or, sock parts.

I'm making myself a pair of fingerless mittens, based on a pattern by Eunny. I'm undecided about how closely I'll follow the pattern; it'll be my first intarsia project, and my first project on itty bitty needles. In terms of number of stitches, it might be my biggest project yet. And it has a few directions that aren't familiar to me, including a different cast-on and bind-off than I've ever used before. So it'll be wildly experimental if I decide to follow the pattern closely.

I was originally going to completely make a pattern from scratch. When I was playing with sizing and where I wanted the thumb to be and how to make the thumb hole, I cut up a pair of old athletic socks for comparison. After some testing, I decided I liked the sock-parts fingerless gloves a lot. But I'm still going to knit me a pair of the mittens; it'll be a fun project, but it's a bit less of a rush to finish it now. Now, off to the yarn store; I need to buy yarn to finish the second Jayne Hat -- which is a pattern I essentially made from scratch, but it's second only to a scarf in terms of easy patterns. And some nice yarn for the fingerless mittens. Still undecided on colors; usually I depend on Laura for all aesthetic decisions, but I'll wing this one on my own.

Just so y'all can bask in my hat-oriented silliness, here I am in the first Jayne hat:

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