Friday, January 12, 2007

a knitting update

I still haven't started the fingerless gloves; I haven't bought the yarn yet. In the meantime, as an experiment, I just finished knitting a pair of fingerless mittens for Laura from a pattern I made up as I went along. She likes them, and they were a fun, quick project. As a result of some of the playing I did with Laura's, I'm considering expanding the wrist of the glove to make them longer; I'd like them to go further up my arms. I'll call it "gauntlet length".

Notice that: gauntlet length. Gauntlet. Armor pieces. Running the. Eastwood movie. "Elf Needs Food Badly". Intensely manly. I've already lost macho points by knitting in the first place, and if I made myself "elbow-length" gloves my guyness quotient would drop to near zero. So I'm sticking with "gauntlet-length". Garrr!

First, I have to find yarn and finish the second Jayne hat for a friend. The first one was supposed to be for him, but it didn't fit. I sized it for my own head, and I like my knited hats a little tight and clingy; it's less traumatic to my hippie hair. The hat project has been on hold for two weeks; I ran out of yarn, and the store where I bought it doesn't sell the same yarn anymore. I threw away the yarn labels (I'm calling that a learning experience, the lesson being: Don't), so I have no idea what to order online. And the yarn store in town with all the actual experise has been closed for two weeks. They reopen Monday, so I'm planning on spending some time there. Hopefully Susan can give me some deep insight on replacement yarn; the stuff I found the first time was exactly perfect for the hat, and and I don't want to use something worse. I would be done with the new hat by now, but Laura intervened. I was originally planning to un-knit the first hat and reuse the yarn, but Laura really likes the hat and exercised veto power. It's still my last resort; if I can't find other yarn I like, I'll pull it from the first hat and make another one for myself from lesser yarn (I have lower standards for things I wear than for things I give to friends). I'll just have to hope Laura was kidding about divorcing me if I scrap the first hat.

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