Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Haul

So, time to talk about the Christmas gifts. Without spending much money, we did pretty well this year and gave each other some thoughtful gifts. Maybe my favorite thing I gave Laura was a house key on an official Washington Redskins key blank. I got it over Thanksgiving when we were in the D.C. area; they're not available locally. I also got her a nice pair of boots, some cute shoes, and some clothes, and we got each other a vacuum cleaner. It's a more telling sign of our intense marriedness than our fifth wedding anniversary; newlyweds really have to be careful of giving things like dust mops and vacuum cleaners as gifts.

Laura gave me my own XM radio receiver with a car kit. It's a great gift; she noticed that I've spent a fair amount of time whining about local music radio, and thought that an XM would be the perfect solution. It is -- thanks, babycakes! I also got a pile of necessaries: three pairs of shoes, some jeans, a few shirts.

Maybe the funniest gift I got was a cordless beard trimmer. I'm not entirely sure if it was a gift or a hint. It wasn't from Laura, of course; she doesn't give hints, she just tells me if I'm looking scruffy. It also comes with attachments that turn it into a cordless nose hair trimmer and a cordless ear hair trimmer. I'm really hoping it's not a hint.

Here are two of my favorite gifts: my XM radio and my Dashboard Ninjas. The ninjas engage in epic battles while I drive. They're much fun. And they came with important ninja wisdom written on the package, including "harmless items are just weapons in disguise," "honor is for samurai," "avoid assassinating on a full stomach,"and "opportunity is a monkey with a firecracker". And the installation instructions (essentially, "snap the ninjas into the base") ends with a warning: "Do Not Tease Or Provoke The Ninjas."

I made candles this year again, but they weren't gifts -- or, at least they weren't wrapped. Laura got to pick the colors, which is nice. I used the leftover wax from the big pillar candles to make votives, which we were going to give as favors at our Christmas Eve party. Unfortunately, we forgot. It looks like our votive needs are covered for a while.

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