Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good yarn news!

The Mass Ave Knit Shop is open again after their two-week shutdown, yay! During their down time, they computerized everything. They bar-coded all of the yarn and installed a computer at the register; no more hand-written receipts, and an accurate inventory system of what's in stock and what's not. Cool.

They actually had an excellent inventory system before: Susan. You could ask her, and she knew what she had and where it was, for all 45,000 kinds of yarn in the store. I was always highly impressed. Her expertise was the reason I went today. I still can't identify the yarn I used for the hat I'm working on, so I showed her a piece. It took her about a second to identify it as Lopi. She doesn't sell it, but she told me where to find it. So tomorrow I'll go buy my Jayne hat yarn, unfortunately not from Susan. But if I need needles for the finglerless gloves, she'll be my only stop.

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