Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cats, gaah!

The cats made a concerted effort last night to irritate me. As of 8am I was already on my third pair of socks for the day. I got dressed and came downstairs and stepped in cat pee in the kitchen, so I cleaned up the pee and put on a new pair of socks. Then I made coffee and brought a mug up to Laura, and on the way I stepped in some kitty puke on the steps. I cleaned it up, and changed socks again. So, three pairs of socks so far. I'm keeping my shoes on for the rest of the day.

And, the meeping cat ralphed on our bed in the middle of the night. It's very cute that the kitties share the bed with us, but Meeper's apparently got What's Going Around and spent the night experiencing bouts of kitty vomiting. The first and biggest was on the velvet coverlet around 3am. I hopped up and did some quick washing, and the coverlet will be fine. And Meeper seems to be feeling better. By the morning he was feeling fine; he was sitting on the countertop watching me make the coffee when one of the outside kitties appeared in front of the kitchen window, and he launched himself at the window and knocked the plants over. The kitties are on my last nerves today.

I should mention that they're balancing it out by being extra cute now that I'm back from work. Koko was very friendly, and the Meeper's napping on my lap while I'm writing this. Here's Koko using my head as an intermediate step between the shelf above the fridge and the countertop:

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