Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush on Iraq: nothing new.

Laura and I fired up the television last night to watch George W. talk about his new grand plan for Iraq. He must have rehearsed a lot; other than his consistent mispronunciation of "nuclear", he actually sounded like less of a blithering idiot than usual. He wasn't even actively painful to listen to. The plan itself was no surprise -- I wonder how many people will eventually notice that it's functionally identical to his old plan. The main points seem to be:
  • Expect the Iraqi government to start handling Iraq's security. Chastise them if they don't.
  • Embed advisors with Iraqi units.
  • Work to quell sectarian violence (with no actual plan for doing this)
The only new wrinkle seems to be adding new troops for an unknown, but presumably short, period of time. So, the new plan for Iraq: essentially the same as the old plan.

And, I really enjoyed him talking about this war not ending with a ceremony on the deck of a battleship. I seem to remember exactly such a moment, probably a decade premature....

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