Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another XM side effect

I'm also noticing that the XM radio is pointing out holes in my musical knowledge. The display shows the artist and title for every song it plays, and I keep hearing songs I know, that aren't actually sung by the bands I was picturing. I just heard Natural One from Folk Implosion. I had always assumed it was early Nine Inch Nails, for some strange reason. Ditto, Guilty, by Gravity Kills -- I could've sworn it was a Trent Reznor product. And it's almost disturbing how often I'm wrong about '50s and '60s music.Today's was Be My Baby: Ronnie Spector, not Leslie Gore. And I confuse about fifty different one-hit-wonder surf bands (like Jan and Dean's Dead Man's Curve) with the Beach Boys.

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