Sunday, December 10, 2006

wordplay of the day

For English nerds only, the Fun With Words website. I'm currently being fascinated by the list of autoantonyms: words that are their own opposites, like fast (firmly in place, as in "to make fast") and fast (speedy), or weather (to withstand) and weather (to be worn down). They've also got an online Boggle engine and a hangman engine for fans of word games. I can think of better ways to spend time online, but it's an easy way to stretch your brain a little if you need a quick break from whatever you do on the computer all day.

And, I'm amused by the fact that people use the hangman engine to communicate. You're scored based on how many letters you miss. You can miss as many as eleven; if you don't miss any, your score is 12. And you get to enter your name on the online high-score tally, which lists the eight most recent high scorers. Hangman is pretty easy (though I played a game with the subject "movie titles" and ended up with some obscure Italian art-house film from the early 1970s), so some people use the scoreboard as a sort of very slow skill-based chat room.

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