Saturday, December 02, 2006

Storm damage

Like most of the Midwest, we got hammered yesterday by torrential rains and high winds. The wind tore off our front storm door, and we also lost the motor on our back gate (possibly unrelated to the storm, but awfully coincidental). Laura spent the day stranded at home, since she couldn't get her Jeep out of the driveway; she even had to miss work. So my day off today revolved around more home repairs. The storm door took some wood with it, so it's a major repair. Or, I might just hack it. I have a plan. The back gate is halfway done, but I need to find somewhere that sells obscure parts to finish. I'm still looking forward to an actual loafing day off, instead of my more typical ones crammed with have-tos. Maybe Monday. Or Wednesday the 20th.

Last night my cousin Andy came over for dinner, and afterwards he and Laura and I watched The DaVinci Code on DVD. I had a great time with Andy; we don't get a lot of time to see each other, and he's great company and a great friend. And, the movie was much better than I expected, and also better than I had heard. It probably helps that I don't remember much of the book.

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Jennifer B., Round Rock, TX said...

Heh - Andy. I remember that guy. Didn't we all go shopping together in Louisville at that store that sold cool knives, and I teased him (too much) about his looks? Not one of my finer moments, but hopefully he can forgive me my "I'm a girl" genes.

I am sorry to hear you had storm damage there - we got a nice nippy feeling to the air here, but no unsettled skies, except for wind gusts that actually gave us a wind chill of 25 degrees Fahrenheit *WOW!*

2 days of posting - go you! I'm watching and posting myself as well ;)