Wednesday, December 06, 2006

shower curtain paranoia

Okay, time to confess to one of my minor paranoid tendencies. In the bathroom of the men's dressing room at the Artsgarden, we've got a shower across from the urinals, so while you're standing at the urinals doing your business the shower is behind you. I experience some minor nervousness about peeing if the shower curtain is closed. It's actually a somewhat practical concern. We've had homeless people break into the dressing rooms via the emergency exit door and camp out, so it's not entirely impossible that somebody's curled up on the floor of the shower having a nap. And I'd hate to discover that we had an uninvited visitor while I was otherwise occupied.

I'm also sure some tiny part of the paranoia is that I've seen hundreds of bad horror flicks. Picture the scene: slowly the curtain slides open, unseen by the unsuspecting victim, machete raised, etc. Similarly, every time I go swimming in a lake I remember the Stephen King short story ("The Raft") about the blob creature that devours a group of teenagers on a swimming platform in the middle of a lake. It doesn't stop me from swimming, it just never lets me swim in complete peace. And I know more than a few people are nervous about swimming in the ocean because they saw Jaws....

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