Friday, December 15, 2006

Pants. And, Ferraris.

One of the things on my Christmas list: new pants I can wear to work. I got a lot of new clothing at the same time a few years ago, and now it's all starting to look a little ragged. And it's also one of the things I hate spending money on. I know that's a bit generic: pants. But that's okay; the list of people buying for me is pretty short this year.

A friend was observing recently that my Christmas wish lists have toned themselves down recently; a few years ago, my fantasy Christmas list included a Ferrari and a yacht. This year it included a laptop and a Saturn. I don't think that's toning down in any practical way, though -- my chances of getting a yacht this Christmas are identical to my chances for getting a MacBook. But it's true that I wouldn't really want a yacht or an embarrassingly expensive car. My fantasies have gotten realistic enough that they no longer include a sports car for which I can't afford the insurance, which I really wouldn't drive faster than 70mph anyway. And I don't know how to pilot a yacht, nor do I have a place to park (dock?) it....

I do have one specific item on my wish list this year. They've finally released the old Police Squad episodes on DVD! I've been looking for this for years, but it was only available on VHS until a few weeks ago. I didn't realize it was available now until I was browsing through Best Buy's DVD collection looking for a copy of Firefly for my brother (sold out -- sorry, Mike!) So, Police Squad. In Color. If nobody else gives it to me for Christmas, I'll give myself a copy. Because watching it would make me happy.

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