Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I've had a headache going today. All day. I didn't actually do anything other than make coffee this morning and lie on the couch the rest of the day. How bad was the headache? I spent the entire day at home, and I never once checked my e-mail until just now. I spent the day in a mostly-dark room feeling the throbbing concussions of individual photons banging against my head. There were a lot of photons zinging about, even with the blinds closed and the blankets pulled up over my head, so it wasn't a particularly pleasant way to spend a day.

I don't like squandering days off by spending them miserable; today would've been the perfect day to call in sick. Wasting a day off is almost as bad as the headache itself. Well, okay--that's not true. But it does add another layer of ugh to the day.

I'd love to share deep thoughts of some sort, but the edges of the headache are still lingering so I'm not having any deep thoughts. Sorry; I'll be coherent tomorrow.

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