Monday, December 18, 2006

Nickelback, sort of

Laura went to a Nickelback concert a few months ago; she was totally unfamiliar with the music, but she has a friend on the tour so she got free tickets. She asked me about the band; I explained that they did one good song -- "Breathe" -- and a whole enormous pile of generic rock crap. She thought the show was average, and that a lot of their music sounded alike. Since then, when we're driving around listening to the radio, she'll hear a song and ask me if it's Nickelback. It's usually not. But I didn't realize until she asked that a lot of hard pop rock bands sound more or less identical. The newest single could be from Staind, or Saliva, or Seether, and they've all got the Nickelback sound. This is one reason I'm getting irritated with the radio. Too many commercials, too much mediocre old music, too much generic new music. Too much of the Nickelback Sound. I'm considering splurging and getting myself an XM radio for Christmas, or shortly thereafter; I've got some extra work coming up, and XM might be a good way to spend the paycheck.

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