Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nice to his friends?

I spent the last two days at Indiana Repertory Theatre loading out their Christmas Carol. Much fun, and I'm good at it. I got to move heavy things and be an expert at stuff and load a truck and indulge my type-A-ness by cleaning the absolute crap out of the stage. I'm always happy for the chance to do some hardcore lifting and hammering and schlepping; the closest I usually come to a workout in my typical day would be when I move monitor speakers around, and I've got a maximum of four of them. I'm so energetic about the occasional chance to do hard work that I dive into it with extreme gusto. The IRT shop is always happy to have me on a call. It's easier to find people with skill or strength than it is to find people with hustle and good attitude. Plus, I could use the money; 'tis the season. So thanks to IRT for calling me to work whenever they can.

An aside: while I was chatting with a few of the IRT staff, another staffer's name came up. I mentioned that I didn't particularly like him. I had always found him rude and a bit of a jerk. It was a common opinion, but someone in the crowd defended him. Essentially, they said that he was a great guy once you got to know him; he could seem rude if he didn't know and like you, but once he liked you he was a lot more pleasant. I'm thinking that's pretty faint praise. I think the same argument could be restated, "he's nice to his friends". That's not so much a virtue, as a bare minimum standard for human interaction. If you're rude and mean to your friends, you tend not to have any. So he's nice to his friends -- what a prince.

I'm fairly certain that the guy in question doesn't have any particular social phobias. He's just a jerk. But thinking about him helps me sympathize with people who do have social phobias. If you seem rude to people you don't know, you don't tend to make many friends. It would have to be an alienated life.

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