Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's The Tree!

It's officially the holiday season: we got our Christmas tree! We're doing it late this year because our work schedules haven't lined up to give us a day off at the same time all month. The gang at the Lost 40 said that we were among the last customers they were expecting for the season. I suspect that my lack of holiday spirit might have had something to do with the lack of a tree in our house. Now that we've got a tree I'm feeling much more Christmasy.

We have much fun with our tree. Every year we pick a weekday, go to a local tree farm and cut our own Christmas tree. This was the first year that we didn't have snow on the ground and bitter cold for our tree hunt; today was 55 degrees and beautiful. Maybe because of the weather, we spent more time picking out our tree than in years past. Then we got it home and began bolting it into its stand and leveling it -- difficult, since we've never picked out a straight tree, ever. Then we string the lights, add the angel on top, and hang the ornaments. We're very cute when we decorate our tree. We even talk to the ornaments.

Somewhere in the middle of playing with the tree we hung our stockings. And I already snuck a gift into Laura's. It's a tiny thing, but it's the thoughtful, clever gift I'm most proud of so far. She's occasionally reading my blog here, so I can't tell you what it is yet -- but I can tell you that I found it 600 miles from here, because I probably couldn't have found it any closer. And, it's one of the few anythings anywhere you can't buy online.

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