Thursday, December 07, 2006

ISC report: bad news

The Iraq Study Group just released their report about the prospects for Iraq. It's not good. It's actually worse than it looks; one of their chief observations is that the best hope for Iraq is for the Bush administration to engage in intense diplomatic efforts with Syria and Iran. Thus far diplomacy hasn't been the Bush Gang's strong suite. I'm also a little nervous about the panel's vague timeline for troop withdrawal. They propose pulling out combat troops by early 2008, assuming other criteria are met. But George Bush has a tendency to only see the part of a document he likes, so I suspect the only part of the commission's 110-page report that he actually connects with (assuming he reads the document, instead of its 2-page executive summary) is the part that says it's okay to start troop withdrawals. He probably glossed right over the section that talks about Iraq's situation being bad, and getting worse.

To give George W the benefit of the doubt, there's a problem with being president: you don't have any actual information. Everything you know is passed up the chain by hordes of lackeys with agendas, all of whom are willing to edit what you see before it crosses your desk. The lackey squad decides what's too much information, what you don't really need to know, what needs to be softened for your delicate ears. It'd be hard to do the job with the kind of information he gets. Still, I'm guessing he won't actually read the entire report -- which is pathetic, given that Iraq is at this point the defining issue of his presidency....

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