Sunday, December 31, 2006

I resolve

New Year's Eve, the traditional time to get hammered and make resolutions. I'm skipping the drinking, but I think I might make a try at resolutions. Here's the list:
  • Write one whole heck of a lot more than I am now.
  • Read more, and stretch my book selection a bit.
  • Consume a lot less high-fructose corn syrup. I drink too much soda now, and I need to cut back.
  • Snack less. I tend to snack more than I should; I recently cleaned out my car, and I removed four empty Pringles cans from my back seat. I've gotta stop that.
  • Stop eating when I'm full. I have a tendency to clean my plate, so I should pay more attention to when I'm full -- and actually stop eating then.
  • Exercise somewhat regularly.
  • Stretch more. I'm feeling a lot stiffer these days than I ever have before. I don't want to think it's because I'm getting old; I'd prefer to think it's because I don't stretch enough.
  • Eat out less at work. It's expensive and unnecessary.
  • Spend less money in general.
I just read those again and noticed that they break down into writing , health, and finances. I want to get better at writing, and I'm not doing enough of it to improve my skills much. And I'm tired of feeling out-of-shape. I know it's all relative; I'm still in good shape, but it's the worst shape of my life. I'm 30 pounds above my rock-climbing weight. And I think I spend more money than I should. Personal budgets are fixed-sum systems; any money I spend on anything else is money I'm not using to pay down debts. I'm not part of the consensus that agrees the economy is improving, and I want to be debt-free in time for the recession.

This seems like a lot of resolutions, and it probably is. But they're mostly little things. I think it also helps that they're all somewhat vague. It's hard to keep a resolution that requires giving up something completely, or starting something new. But a goal like "snack less" is a lot easier; I'm not trying to cut out snacks, just to do it a bit less. I think it'll make a difference in my health, and I don't think I need to take it to an extreme. My big goal is writing. Wish me luck!

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Jennifer B., Round Rock, TX said...

Good luck! We both survived Holidailies (I can't imagine writing a whole NOVEL, since just a blog post a day about gutted me!). :) Happy New Years to you and Laura - BIG TEXAN HUGS!