Wednesday, December 20, 2006

actual dialogue

Here's some actual unretouched dialogue from the Glover/Mountjoy household this morning:

Jeff: "Honey, the cats were laughing at me."
Laura: "Aww, what for?"
Jeff: "I was singing, and they were making fun of me."
Laura: "Well, let's go make them apologize."
--- later, after the cat apology ---
Laura: "What were you singing, anyway?"
Jeff: "Earth Angel. The falsetto parts."
Laura: "Upstairs. You have to apologize to the cats."

This is why I adore my wife: not only is she so adorable that we do silly things like make the cats apologize, she's also honest enough about my falsetto that she'll make me apologize to the cats.


Jennifer said...

awww - what a moment! Give her a hug from me, would you? She takes such great care of you; and I'm so thankful you found each other!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the first chapter of any Nicholas Sparks novel.