Monday, November 20, 2006

Virginia. And, the Voov Ray.

Laura and I are about to take off for Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with her mom and brothers. It's ten hours in the Jeep each way; we've got the XM radio and a few books on tape to keep us occupied during the drive. We'll be back Sunday, if all goes according to plan. Wish us safe travels.

And, something funny. I was in the wine aisle at the grocery recently, and I heard someone asking where they could find the vouvray. I know it's a kind of wine, but when I heard them asking, the first thing that popped into my head was Ming the Merciless. I could just picture him shouting: "Flash Gordon thinks he has escaped my clutches, but he underestimates me. Commander, prepare to fire the Voov Ray!"

Speaking of wine, Laura's brother Gary is a pretty serious epicure, so we'll be having a wine tasting while we're in Virginia. Laura's bringing out two bottles of white, so Gary can go into details about how to tell the differences between them (or whatever it is oenophiles do when they're tasting wine). If it looks interesting enough I might actually try it myself, even though it'll involve actually drinking wine. It'll be the first alcoholic anything I've had for over five years, though, so I suspect I won't.

For the first time ever I just used oenophile in a sentence. Hoo-ah! I knew that English degree would come in handy for something.


Jennifer B., Round Rock, TX said...

I hope you had a grand vacation together! Things were fairly quiet here in RR.

I DID, however, sign up for I bit the bullet and am challenging myself to get a decent blog post in once a day from December 1 to January 1, other than silly meme's and pictures. I received some suggestions that I use it as an opportunity to put up poems and short stories, but I don't want to put up ones I had written in the past, so maybe I'll rekindle the little flame of creative juices in myself with this. Can I talk you into doing Holidailies too? *HUGS*

Jeff Mountjoy said...

You got it! I should be able to manage something coherent every day. I'm not finishing my novel this month, so that'll be my penance. :-)