Thursday, November 16, 2006

Over Work

I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been insanely busy; I haven't even turned a computer on since last Friday morning. Here's my schedule for the past week:

Friday/Saturday (my days "off"): drive to Detroit, help Kerry move, drive back to Indy
Sunday: work 10:30am - 9pm
Monday: work 7:30am - 1:30am
Tuesday: work 6am - 9:30pm
Wednesday: work 7am - 10:30pm

That's my whole schedule. I hit 40 hours for the week at 5:30pm on Tuesday. For the last three days I haven't done anything other than work, drive, eat, and sleep. I'm looking forward to this evening; I'm only working 9 1/2 hours today, so I should be able to actually talk to my wife and read a book tonight. Tomorrow's a 14-hour day, so no rest there. Another busy day Saturday, and a short workday on Sunday, then Laura and I take off to visit her family for the holidays. I'm eventually looking forward to a day off when I can actually stay home and relax and read a book and -- god forbid -- do some writing. The NaNoWriMo novel probably won't be finished by the 31st, grumble, whine.

Done whining now. Back to work.

And, what's been going on at work that's required me to work insane hours? That's a story for another time....


Jennifer B., Round Rock, TX said...

Hugs to you n Laura both. What a crazy, insane schedule! I've been wondering about your novel in a month bit, and it sounds like the timing was all wrong. I don't know if December is any better, but I saw something on Juliette's site that has me intrigued, and wondered if you might be interested. She referred to the Holidailies - a challenge for the month of December to blog something every day for the month. If you're interested, let me know - I was thinking about trying it too. The rules are on the site, and they don't sound difficult ;)

Jeff Mountjoy said...

Holidailies or not, I might try to update every day for a while once I get back from Virginia. Holidailies sounds like fun. I might try it!

I'm highly bummed about the NaNoWriMo novel going south, though. Pout.

Jennifer B., Round Rock, TX said...

eh - you can't be too hard on yourself. With a work schedule like that, you had a lot working against you. *hugs* miss you guys!