Sunday, November 05, 2006

Henle and the Loops

Under the heading of I'm So Damn Witty: the band for our Saturday Artsgarden event was a cover band called Henle and the Loops. I asked the drummer where the band name came from, and he mentioned that he and the singer were kidney doctors. I immediately got the reference (the loops of Henle being a tiny functional part of the kidney); I'm surprised I didn't make the connection before he said "kidney doctor". But I did manage a quick witty comment: "So, if you were a metal band you'd probably be called Nephron." He thought it was funny. Kidney humor!

They seemed like a decent band, but it was hard to tell; their lead singer/lead guitarist hurt his back earlier in the day and missed the show. I asked the rhythm guitarist how much trauma his absence would cause, and he said, "We've got a repertoire of about 42 songs, and he's crucial on, oh, 42 of them." I'd like to hear them when all six of them are there and see how they play at full strength. I understand they play the Music Mill occasionally; I'll have to see if I can catch them there.

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