Sunday, November 19, 2006


102 hours later, my work week is over. Yee-ha.

And, I actually got all of my work finished! In the past week I hung 500 feet of MC cable, 49 junction boxes, and 52 duplex outlets to power the new Christmas -- oops, make that holiday -- decor. I also hung the actual holiday decor. 70 abstract metal shapes, ten jagged sheet-aluminum snowflakes, a thousand feet of steel cable. And this week I also had six performances and three events. Busy.

We had a great party band for our event Friday. The band was called Mike and Joe, apparently for the two guitar players. I wonder if the bassist and the drummer feel left out. Anyway, they played some high quality cover songs. I heard that they had some good original songs, but you never hear them at parties; people don't want to hear new music at a party, they want to hear things they already know the words to. In addition to the high-quality cover music, they were also good to work with. They travel a fair amount so if you ever get a chance, catch their show and let me know if their originals are as good as their covers.

Now, home. Bed. Sleep. Ciao!

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