Saturday, October 21, 2006


It's been a long couple of days. The Artsgarden hosted a music showcase for R&B and hip hop artists, and we ran pretty late. My Thursday was 1pm to 1 am, yesterday was 2pm to 2am, today 7am to 3pm. I got home last night, did dishes (waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes messes with my sense of order), and went to bed. I didn't realize how little sleep I got until I made coffee the next morning and found the dishes in the drying rack were still wet.

I should mention that the show was entertaining. Like every other music showcase in the history of time, some of the artists were good and some were less good. Out of twenty performers, I found two very noteworthy. Thursday's was Donny B. Lord, a Carribbean hip-hop artist with good style and a fun energy. Friday's big act was a band called (S)HE. I was a little fuzzy about how you pronounce the name; what do you do with the parenthesis? Turns out it's pronounced just like the pronoun. And they were great -- picture En Vogue with better songwriting, backed up by a classic-rock band. They're based in Philadelphia, and they were an awful lot of fun. The band had a hard-rock sound, their songwriting was creative and original, and the three singers had talented voices and nice moves. If you find yourself in Philly, check and see if they're performing. It'll be worth your time to catch the show.

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