Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some politics

I hate to say it, but I'm still undecided about the local House race. The incumbent Democrat, Julia Carson, is running against a local businessman, Eric Dickerson. I should mention that this isn't the same Eric Dickerson who was a hall-of-fame running back for the Indianapolis Colts, but a lot of people don't seem to know that. This Eric is a somewhat-shady car dealer; he just settled a lawsuit levelled by Fifth Third Bank claiming he defaulted on two million dollars worth of business loans for his Buick Dealership. And, I'm pretty sure he's the "don't hang up on me!" guy who was trying to organize a dream-interpretation workshop at the Artsgarden.

Dickerson has his problems, but at least I somewhat trust his integrity. Early in his campaign he was offered national RNC financial support -- all he had to do was sign a document pledging his vote to Dennis Hastert for Speaker of the House. And he refused to do it. That's a good sign that, Republican or not, he's not going to be the proverbial rubber stamp for the Bush administration. He recently started getting serious financial support from the RNC, but I can't find out what happened to change that. I'll assume that the national Republicans finally started recognizing his campaign as a serious threat to Julia Carson. Three months ago, he was barely registering in the polls; now he's within the margin of error of Julia.

One of the biggest issues this election has less to do with individual candidates, and more to do with which party controls Congress. With that in mind, the fact that Julia Carson is a Democrat is a major factor. But she's got absolutely everything else against her. I won't mention her shaky voting record in the House; my biggest concern is that I think there's a fair chance she's senile. I sat across the table from her at a black-tie event (not an Arts Council function, I should mention) last year, and I left with the impression that she was a complete blithering idiot. She could barely form coherent sentences. I've also collected a fair amount of hearsay that says she's pretty darn corrupt. An electrician on work release from prison told me that it's pretty common knowledge that you're better off not mentioning that you've got tradesman skills when you fill out your work-release paperwork, because if you do there's a pretty good chance that you'll spend your work release time as a handyman doing repair work on Julia's family's rental properties for minimum wage. And I've heard several people say that she has family members who get government heating assistance even though they don't actually need the help. These might just be urban myths of the prison population and the black community, but a lot of people are unhappy with Julia. And it's finally coming back to haunt her, now that the Republicans have an actual contender for her seat.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting information about Julia. Jim Shella from Chan 8 reported she almost dozed off at a IPS HOF event that she was one of the inductees.

The Indy Star Editorial board said she rambled during their talks to her for an hour and that she was the first one to start throwing mud in the race against Dickerson.

Eric Dickerson has said he will not go negative and has not - he has taken the high road.

The most telling factor is her dropping from a very safe 20 pt lead in the polls in early Sept. to just a 5 pt lead last week. Both polls came from the same polling company. All of that slidew ith Dickerson doing NO Advertising.

The local democrats are worried. They are taking to task any black democrats who even thinks about not voting for Julia.