Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some Guys Pizza

One of my favorite places in town is Some Guys Pizza. Laura and I have been semi-regulars for years. It was where we ate after our wedding feast. And it's where I figured out that I'm turning into a lightweight; it was the first restaurant where Laura and I started splitting entrees. They serve really good lasagna, too, but they only serve it the first weekend of every month. So when the first weekend comes, we feel the pull of the Some Guys. By way of demonstrating what lightweights we are these days, we got carry-out lasagna on Friday. We got home and ate our salads (Some Guys also has excellent salads), and we both realized we were too full for the lasagna. So we reheated it and ate it for dinner last night at midnight. It was even good after a day in the fridge, which is impressive; pasta is usually pretty bad on the second day....

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