Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new neighbors, at work

The Artsgarden is attached to Circle Centre Mall, and our immediate neighbor in the mall is Cinnabon. We get a good discount, so for the first month or two I worked at the Artsgarden I was pretty much eating a Cinnabon daily. After a while, though, I got tired of the steady Cinnabon diet and instead started relying on Cinnabon for my daily coffee needs. I still have a roll occasionally, but I'm down to one or two a month. This would not have been the case when I was twenty; I could have easily eaten two Cinnabons daily for years on end. But in my 30s there's a real limit to how much sugary stuff I can eat and enjoy in a sitting. But the temptation is always there. When the air handlers cycle just right, the entire Artsgarden smells like Cinnabons. And it doesn't help that the bakery here makes absolutely the best 'bons anywhere.

Until recently, our other neighbor was the Great American Cookie Company, but they closed when the mall doubled their rent. There's been some question about what was to occupy the cookie company's space, but we now have a definite answer: Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and a Nestle Toll House Cookie bakery. I foresee an upcoming bout of really unhealthy eating. I'm less worried about the cookies; it's entirely likely that I make better cookies than they do. But the ice cream. Oh, the sweet, sweet ice cream! I'll hear it talking to me all day, whispering my name when I'm trying to work. I'll interrupt performances shouting, "shut up, mint chocolate chip! I'll be there soon!" I'll bring new meaning to "having a pint on the way home". I really hope they don't offer us a discount.

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