Friday, October 06, 2006

Laura and Smallville

Laura's become a fan of the teevee series Smallville. Actually, that doesn't really capture the depth of her infatuation with the show; describing Laura as a Smallville fan is akin to describing someone as a meth enthusiast or a crack fancier. Last night, for the first time since I've known her, we had to be home at a certain time so she could watch her show. That was strange.

I can understand why she likes it; the lead actor, Tom Welling, is genuinely charismatic and he plays an interesting character. The show is almost as witty as Buffy was, which is a rarity. And it tells a neat story. I think the main reason I'm not as involved in the show as Laura is that one of the main character relationships falls horribly flat, so much so that it irritates me to see it on screen. Clark Kent has long had a crush on Lana Lang, for absolutely no discernible reason, and it drives a lot of the story so far. In the first three seasons we see a lot of a love triangle between Clark, Lana, and Chloe, and it's a complete mystery why Clark keeps choosing Lana. Then again, I've only seen a few episodes; I might be missing the bigger picture.

One more thing about Smallville: it's got some great inside jokes for people familiar with the Superman comics. My favorite might've been when Clark Kent met the guy who will be Aquaman. They saved someone, then Aquaman says to Clark, "We should form the Junior Lifeguard's Association." Clark says, "I think the JLA will have to wait." Another moment of comedy comes when Clark's father, played by John Schneider, gets a visit from his brother, played by Tom Wopat. Tom arrives enthusiastically driving a Dodge Charger, heh. And in one scene, Tom hops into the passenger seat through the window. I was disappointed that they didn't shoot anything with dynamite arrows.

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