Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dance Kaleidoscope's Carmina Burana

Dance Kaleidoscope resurrected their signature piece this weekend at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. It's a beautiful piece of art. The choreography is varied and interesting. The choreography tells no single story; each section of the music has its own style, and each section could stand alone. The tone varies from graceful to stately to violent to almost silly throughout the performance. And the company has some very strong dancers.

The lighting was amazing, as always. Every time I get a chance to see Laura's work, I fall a little more in love with her. Every piece she lights is another tiny window into her soul, and there's some beautiful stuff in there.

I like the music, too. Everyone's heard that cool, dramatic two-minute chunk of Karl Orff's Carmina Burana that gets play in every fantasy movie in history. That section is called "O Fortuna", and it's not really much like the rest of the piece. But the entire piece is worth listening to. And the "O Fortuna" sections of DK's piece are among my favorites in this show. If you're anywhere near Indy, you need to check out Carmina this weekend; you'll be glad you did.
An oops: I wrote this Friday night, and I just now realized I never posted it. Sorry, but the show's now over unless you're willing to drive to Lafayette, Indiana in two weeks.

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