Monday, October 09, 2006

Carpal Tunnel

Yet another sign I'm not really young anymore: I'm starting to show symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not bad now, but I'm paying lots of attention to my hand position when I type. I wish I had huge piles o' cash; I'd love to try one of these cool DataHand toys. I noticed they're PS2 only, no USB version available yet. Or maybe one of the Ergo models. If I weren't opposed to learning curves, I'd get a cool one-handed keyboard. I wonder if you could train yourself to use one with each hand and double your speed. And, it's bluetooth; you can wander around while you type. As is, I'll probably end up getting a cheap ergo keyboard at Best Buy or something. And trying my best to hold my wrists up and straight while I type.

Last week I spent a while climbing around the Artsgarden's steel structure playing with lighting and pulling cable. I find it comical that doing seriously forearm-intensive climbing never gives me any problems, but using a mouse and keyboard is causing damage....

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