Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another Meeper

Our youngest inside kitty, Meeper (or Jayne, depending on our mood), has a twin brother. The new cat, temporarily named Mal or NeoMeeper, appeared on our porch this afternoon, and he looks so much like Jayne/Meeper that I started petting him before I noticed the difference. He hasn't been fixed yet, but he doesn't act like a feral cat. I suspect he might be someone's cat. We won't take him inside, since we've already got a 2-1 cat to human ratio, but he's free to mooch our cat food and wander home when he wants. He seems to like hanging around here, though, so we're suspecting he might stay.

He looks just a few months younger than our actual cat, and is different only in that he's slightly smaller and has a tiny white streak on his tummy. On the one hand, he seems nice and friendly, and we're always happy to have more personable cats around. On the other hand, now we need to get him fixed. Even at the low-cost spay/neuter clinic, it gets expensive if you have enough cats. But it's also a kind of investment; neutering a cat now keeps us from having to neuter a whole litter in a year.

I've noticed that black cats tend to be friendlier than other cats. All five black cats in the neighborhood are very social, at least with us. And most of the other cats are less friendly. I wonder if this is true in general. A quick google finds no mention of the phenomenon, but that's probably because I'm the first person in all history to have noticed the trend. :-)

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