Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WMD's: found. Sort of. Not really.

I was reading something written by an online wacko talking about the fact that we keep finding chemical weapons in Iraq, but that the media never reports it. What separated him from other wackos is that he cited a source for his info. I checked it out and found this article stating that they found 240 chemical weapons in Iraq last month. That's true if your definition of "chemical weapons" includes empty munitions capable of delivering chemical agents. They didn't find sarin, no mustard gas, but artillery shells that could be loaded with them. That brings the number of WMDs found so far to over 700, none of which contained any active chemicals. When you hear lunatics talking about the fact that we actually found chemical weapons in Iraq, this is where they get their data. When you hear lunatics talking about the media not covering this sort of story, they're right, because it's not news. Finding barrels of sarin would be news; finding a SADM (that is, Special Atomic Demolition Munition) would be news. Finding empty artillery shells? Not news.

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