Monday, September 25, 2006

The travel delay

We weren't happy to leave Murphin Ridge yesterday. We were even making noise about sticking around another day, figuring out how to arrange our schedules so we wouldn't have to leave until Monday morning. But we decided to be responsible and get home on time. We loaded up the Jeep, hopped in, and discovered that it wouldn't start. We took this as an omen and checked to see if our cabin was available for another night. Unfortunately, it was already booked, so I had to actually figure out what was wrong with the Jeep. After much playing under the hood, I figured out the spark plug wires were wet. We finally got the car started; until the wires dried out, it sounded like someone had wired a bug zapper under the hood. All's well now, but I get to give the Jeep a tune-up and change the plugs and wires sometime this week.

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