Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The prez: "disappointed"

So, President Bush just announced that he's disappointed in the military coup in Thailand. Let me make sure I understand this. The PM of Thailand was caught on tape admitting that he's basically done nothing for four years and lied to get into office, after which huge protests erupted and the military -- with popular support -- booted him from office. Our president, who cheated his way into office, and who has spent six years digging us into a financial and military hole, thinks the Thai solution is bad. I'm thinking it hits a little too close to home for him....

UPDATE: I'm blending stories; thanks for noticing, David! The military coup was in Thailand, and it was (mostly) about corruption. The PM caught on tape was in Hungary. Oops.


David Lapham said...

Um...not to nitpick, but they guy caught on tape talking about lying and sparking protests in the streets is the Prime Minister of Hungary, not Thailand. But otherwise, I get your point. :-)


Jeff Mountjoy said...

From The Onion:
Thailand went through a bloodless coup while the President was out in the United States to address the United Nations. What do you think?
--It's not the best solution to removing a corrupt leader, but it sure does the job better than the electoral college.