Monday, September 18, 2006

computer dependency

The Arts Council offices are moving for a few weeks while our landlord repairs the flood damage we suffered earlier this year. Everything is moving with them: furniture, computer hardware, phone system. The only thing that didn't move is the Artsgarden's data connection to the main office, so we're experiencing computer deprivation. No network connection, no voice mail, no e-mail. It's strange not having access to everything. And, it's hard not having access to all the important stuff that lives on the server. I didn't realize exactly how much of my job is computer-dependent until now. A lot of my job is tech stuff, involving wires and microphones and soldering irons. But a lot of it is about e-mail and voice mail and forwarding documents, and that part is on hold for now. Thankfully I have Crimsonland on the hard drive, instead of the server. :-)

And, in case you're wondering, I'm able to post this because wireless networks are really, really easy to hack. 'nuff said.

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