Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chocolate Fest!

Today was ChocolateFest at the Artsgarden. It's an annual chunk of chocolatey goodness that raises money for Young Audiences of Indiana, with the added benefit of introducing a huge quantity of chocolate desserts to downtown. Local hotels, chocolatiers, and restaurants all donate desserts that Young Audiences sells, with all proceeds going to provide arts programming in schools. It's a good cause, and it's also one of the most popular events at the Artsgarden. Check out the menu of desserts available; it's impressive!

Some of the chocolatiers had chocolate displays that I liked a lot. The Conrad hotel set up a huge display of chocolate spires and butterfly wings and curvy art-deco pieces made of hand-painted chocolate. The chef from the University Place Hotel showed up an hour early and made roses by hand, petal by petal, out of proofing chocolate. The Ivy Tech College cooking school made a chocolate dollhouse. All three also had good chocolate for sale. If you ever find yourself at University Place, grab a Pot de Creme.

For a change, I didn't gorge myself on chocolate this year. My only chocolate for the day was a baggie of chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies from Great Harvest. Everything looked good, but I've hit a point where I can't rationalize eating that much chocolate in one sitting, and where I can't rationalize spending money on a pile of desserts. Maybe I'm actually developing moderation as I get older, god forbid. In any case, I didn't actually try any of the desserts except for the cookies. But trust me -- they were all yummy.

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